Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

As you might be able to tell, we've been quite sporadic with our posting. Between the last few weeks of school, Christmas crafting, and working on orders, we haven't had very much time to make new projects. However, we wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope your holidays are filled with time spent with loved ones. We will be spending some time Skype-ing with the family tonight. Hopefully they don't start karaokeing while we're talking. We shall see what tomorrow brings. All we have planned is to make our cinnamon roll tree in the morning and talking to our parents and brothers.
We wanted to share some holiday lights with our readers. Here's a little picture of our cute little tree in the corner. The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but as you might be able to tell, it's a gingerbread theme. We made a bunch of gingerbread cookie ornaments and hung them up on the tree. Every once in a while it smells so good! We also made some adorable matching garlands and wreaths for the mantle and windows. Maybe we'll get around to post pictures of them. 
As we said before, happy holidays from us to you! We hope everyone has a very (pleasantly) memorable holiday. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmouse!!

Good morning! We hope everyone is having a superb week. And that everyone back home is trying to stay warm. We hear it's supposed to be quite cold there. Anyway, it's been a few days since we've posted a new project up. We've been keeping uber busy, trying to get all of our holiday gifts done.Hopefully they'll be done in time to get them out on time.
So, on to today's project. This is a gift made for a teacher friend who absolutely loves Mickey Mouse:
This adorable set was so fun to create! It includes two wine glasses and four coasters. One glass is full of Mickey Mouse's silhouette. The other is a "gauge" of the day. It has three lines to describe the school day- "Oh boy!", "Aw, Phooey!", and the one for the hardest of days, "Up to My Ears", with Mickey ears. Here are some pictures of the side-step card that went along with it:
There's quite a bit going on in the card, including some glitter and rhinestones, although those are a bit hard to see. And, of course, there's also Rudolph on the roof, with his nose so bright! And the greeting says, "Merry Christmouse", which pops up off the card. The picture below is of the set all spread out, which shows each of the coaster designs (hope she doesn't mind us using her picture!)
How cute is that gift?! Who wouldn't want to get this set? It was so fun to make and we're already planning  sets for ourselves!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Part 1

So I should totally be doing some work, getting ready for this week, but with just two weeks left before break, well, I don't really want to right now...

We've had the same stuff up on our walls since we moved in, and it was definitely time for a change, at least for the holidays. A couple of weeks ago, when canvases were on sail at Michael's, we picked a couple up for this project. along with paint and vinyl. Our color-scheme/decor is pink and green gingerbread (very fun). We painted two of them bright green, and with Design Studio, cut out part of the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas." I think these are going to look great when they're up on the wall together!

Back to school work, now, I guess. Part 2 of this project will be up tomorrow, and hopefully the last one on Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater

So today's post isn't a Cupcake Saturday post, and is definitely deceiving, but I couldn't help but wanting to share it with you. When you hear "Ugly Sweater Party," you might think that it really is supposed to be ugly. Well, I don't do ugly, I do cute. And special effects.
So, I took a plain red sweater, some light brown felt, a white boa, a light up nose, a reindeer headband, and some battery operated lights. Everything, except the lights, were hot glued onto the sweater. The lights were poked through the bottom of the sweater.
The reindeer nose has a string that you pull to light it up. And of course there needed to be a little bootie on the back.
Updated: Needless to say, I got lots of compliments and won the competition! I already have ideas for next year!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sweet Holiday Wishes

Happy Sunday! How crazy is it that it's already December?! It's been pretty crazy, how fast this year has gone by. We hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We definitely had a much-needed, enjoyably long weekend.Now it's time to get back in school mode. Luckily it's only a few more weeks until our next break. (There's a plus side to having such a late Thanksgiving, huh?!)
Now that we have to catch up on all of the work we didn't do this weekend, today's card is a quick holiday card:
This card is themed after a gingerbread house. We were originally going to make a card that featured a gingerbread house, but after a few changes, this is what we decided on. The bottom of the card reads, "May your holidays be sweet!"And we added a few rhinestones to make it sparkle a bit.
This is the inside of the card. It, too, underwent a few changes from the original design. After realizing that the patterned piece had to go on the bottom (so it wouldn't show through the hole), we realized that the sentiment would have to be on the outside so there would be room on the inside to write a little note. Fortunately, it still looks good to us!
Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope you have an enjoyable end to the long weekend.