Saturday, March 28, 2015

A 'Super' Weekend!

Good afternoon, friends! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! The last few days have been pretty busy around here with some rather large orders. Almost all of the orders have been for superhero things, including favors and invitations. I'm pretty sure I can make the favors with my eye shut (OK, maybe with a little peak) In the last week, I've made 100+ of them, and that's not including the last (much smaller) order of 20 I need to finish up tonight. I was also asked to work on some custom, personalized invitations for a little soon-to-be 5-year-old's upcoming Spiderman-themed birthday party. This is the final product:
The customer wanted all of the information to be hidden below the band, so as you look at it, it says "Swing on by to celebrate Harper", with the Spiderman character on top. Hopefully I didn't forget any of the small pieces for her name... (I had a few extra that I'm not positive where they came from. I did a triple-check though, so hopefully it's all good...)
One of the little things I add to (almost) all of my orders is a card. Since most of the orders are for a birthday or special occasion, I figure a greeting card is usually needed. Since they usually use up some scraps and I know how big everything is supposed to be, they don't usually take too long. And sometimes it's the small things that make an impression! (Who wouldn't want to get a card like this? Much better than a store-bought one, in my opinon. But I guess that's not fair, huh?!) Anyway, I thought I would share some that I've made this week, starting with the Spiderman one:
These are two I made for a set of twins. One was dressing up as Super-girl and the other as Wonder Woman
There are a few others I've made, including Hulk, Superman, and Batman, but I think I'll keep them to myself for now and save them for another day!
I guess now that I'm all caught up with my orders, that means I should probably spend the rest of my weekend working on the boring stuff. Like cleaning the apartment... I'm pretty sure the parents wouldn't want to have to carefully maneuver around all the crafting stuff once they get here later this week! (By the way, totally looking forward to it!!)
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

B is for Baby...Blocks!

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! It's actually been a little cold and wet here this weekend (I know, I'm a complainer!) Or, maybe it's just my heater just went on by itself for the first time in awhile! Anyway, as I'm sitting wrapped in my blankets, trying to find the gumption to get up and start working on (the tons of) things on my list of to-do's, I was looking through all of the pictures of projects I've been working on and decided that maybe I should start sharing some of them. (That, and who would rather clean up than look at cute things?!)
The project I wanted to share today was one I worked on for a shower gift for our friend back home. It is a set of blocks that can be used to document the baby's age, etc. It's similar to a perpetual wood block calendar, so I guess it can sort of be used for that, as well. Since they are both gym teachers, and they're having a little boy, I went with the sports theme here. There are quite a few pictures, and I thought I did a good job of getting pictures of all of the numbers, but I didn't, so there are a few missing.
I tried to include a wide range of sports, or at least those that could be easily cut out of the vinyl. Since we were teammates on the track team, and she's a coach, I had to include the winged foot. He is also a basketball and football coach, so I included those sports, as well:
I also included some references to their favorite sports teams (I conveniently  placed the Patriots logo on the four for a reason ;) one that would be frowned upon out here. Oh well!!)
Hopefully they enjoy using it and take lots of pictures of the little guy! (And that they don't mind that it was like a month late...sorry!!) Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Little Man is on His Way!

Good afternoon! We hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, apart from the new snow back home. This has been a busy week here. I feel like I say that all the time... The days were spent at work and all of my free time was working on orders, party decorations, and shower gifts! I was fortunate enough to have three pretty large orders this week, including an order of 60 invitations and another of 30 party favors. I also started work on a (almost full-fledged) Spiderman birthday party. Today was also Sister's family shower, and fortunately, I had most of those decorations done beforehand. We went with a "Little Man" theme, and decided that the use of the Seahawks colors would include Dad in the decor.
There were a few more decorations, including matching invitations and centerpieces, but the pictures didn't come out nearly as good as I was hoping. Grr. Here is a picture of one of the banners I did make:
 I plan on setting them up and taking more pictures this week, so I can also post them on Etsy soon. There was also a matching cake, which was just too cute (and delish!)
(As it has been pointed out, Baby's real name is not going to be 'Rocky'- it's a nickname that was picked up because of his initials. We wouldn't want to confuse the little guy!) In the little free time I had, I worked on some gifts for the family, which are absolutely adorable (don't mind if I toot my own horn...) The gifts were fabric projects, and let's just say that, although they are uber cute, I'm  definitely not even close to Aunt Debbie-level sewing skills. I'm just happy that all my pieces are sewn together and will hopefully stay that way! Here is one project I did get a picture of- it went over quite well in the sea of Hawks fans...
The back has the last name and a '15' for the year. I didn't get pictures of the other two projects, but they included a blanket and a nursing scarf (that would be super cute any time!) I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of time to take those, though! Only 2.5 weeks to go! Hopefully Grandma and Grandpa will make it out of the snow and get here in time!!I think it's time for a nap now, even though I should really take those pictures so I get them done. Oh well! Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A New Chapter!

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! It has been an uber busy week around here. Between work (having to leave the apartment at 6:15, before the sun rises, is never fun. And on top of that, spending the week with rambunctious 7th graders...), crafting work (at least that's fun!) and party planning, I was definitely looking forward to last night, which was my first chance to relax a bit. And fall asleep at 10:00!
As you might have noticed, we have gone with a springy baby boy themed with the newest update to the blog and our other pages. We are right in the middle of baby season, and figured that there will be quite a few baby posts coming in the next month. To signal the start of baby season, we held the first of two showers for Sister last night. Fortunately, she has amazing coworkers who helped put it all together. Since it was her school shower, we decided to go with a storybook theme. Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures, but others did, so I'll post them when I can! I was put in charge of the decorations, or at least the paper ones, including the invitations. To set the mood, we went with baby Winnie the Pooh taking a bath in a tub, along with a Pooh quote. (I didn't get a picture of these. Yet. But there were a few comments on how cute they were!)
Two things I did take pictures of were the cupcake toppers and party favors. The menu matched storybooks, so we decided to make blue velvet cupcakes for dessert, which went with the book "The Velveteen Rabbit".
The toppers were kind of quickly thrown together, but feature both solid and polka dot paper, along with some circles punched from real story books. (The top one fittingly says 'Stork Laundry'!) And here are the party favors (I apologize for the poor picture):
The favors were chocolate chip cookies that go along with the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"! The bag toppers have the little mouse holding a pop-dotted chocolate chip cookie and reads: "If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll say thanks for coming to our shower!"
I also created a banner for the shower that read "Welcome Baby". Since I took the pictures with my phone, and the position of the banner, I had to take a few to get all of it.
The first and last spaces have story books on them, and the middle one features the very hungry caterpillar, all pop-dotted, of course!

And it wouldn't be a party without the new momma opening her gifts:
Soo many cute things! I don't know who was more excited- mom or auntie!!Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, Cousin!

Good evening! We hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend! I've been keeping busy with a few orders and some special projects, which is why this post is a little late.  I've been trying to get a few baby projects done, and a lot of cleaning, but everything else seems to get in the way. If only there were two or three more hours in the day! It also doesn't help that the weekends have been  absolutely fantastic weather-wise and it makes it a little difficult to want to stay inside and work.
Today's project is a birthday card for our littlest cousin. Today is the cutie patootie's first birthday! Here is the card I made for him:
I wasn't quite sure what theme to go with, so I decided to go with this cute little sock monkey. I added some special touches, like the number one, for his first birthday, and of course, some balloons and a sweet treat! (Yum! Cupcakes...) Here is what the card looks like when it's open:

I obviously used a fair share of pop-dots on this easel card (one of the easiest ways to make a card even fancier!). It was quite a bit thicker than I thought it was going to be and it took a few times to get it into the envelope. Hopefully the little guy will enjoy his card (as much as a one-year-old will) and has the happiest birthday!
Thanks for stopping by! Here's to a great week!