Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Subway Art

I feel really bad for not posting updates this week. We have been busy being creative, but our new found love affair with pinterest has been taking over! Every time I tell myself to post some new projects, I find myself on it. I love looking at all of the creative things on there!

Anyway, we do have some new stuff to share. During my pinterest surfing, I found some great subway art, or word collages. I knew I had to try it! Here is our "family" subway art from earlier this week.

Anyone know why they call it "subway art?" Is it because it can look like graffitti?

I love that you can use so many different cartridges on these projects! Now that I'm addicted to them, I'm going to go make some more for different holidays!

Hopefully we will be much better about posting updates!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Today is our friend's birthday. We keep joking about how old she is, now that she's 26. Funny story, we're not too far behind. She doesn't let us forget that, though. Anyway, here are some pictures of the gift we made for her. Who doesn't like getting cupcakes on their birthday?!

These first two pictures are of her birthday card. The first one is the front and the second is the inside. It is an easel card, so it stands up all by itself!
This next picture is of the "centerpiece" we made for her. We're not so sure what she's going to do with it after her birthday, though...
This is made with a whole bunch of handmade flowers. We have another project using the same flowers, which we will post in a few days, once it's complete.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Card Set #3

I had a student come up to me one day and say, "I like woodland creatures!" This set is for her!

There are seven cards in all in the set. They say:
"Wood you be mine?"
"I'm nuts about you!"
"Such a deer!"
"Stuck on you!"
"Owl always love you!"
"I stink you're cute!"
"Foxy lady!"

My favorite is the skunk! Because here, love stinks... we celebrate "singles' awareness day" around here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Day Card Set #2- The Coffee Lover's Set

If you're anything like us, you really enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning... or three.... Well, here's another set of Valentine's Day cards that we would enjoy receiving!
Each card says, "happy (heart) day!" on the outside. On the inside, they say:
"I'd like to espresso my feelings!"
"I love you comple-tea-ly!"
"I love you a latte!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Check it Out!

Thanks for stopping by our new blog! Well, basically the same, but under a new name and a slightly different look. I hope that it will help us expand into our new "Two Early Birds" brand! We shall see!

Why Two Early Birds?
Well, on our trip this summer, we had a ton of time to figure what we should go under. We've been using Twin Treats and Sweets, but that just wasn't covering all of the bases, so we thought that we would use a more generic name. We had a bunch of ideas for a name, but couldn't pick just one. We thought about what we like to do, things we had in common (a lot), and our names. We ended up taking the letters of our first and middle names and tried to work with those. It's a lot of letters to work with, but then figured out "early birds." What makes it even better is that the "early" is for Dawn's name, and the "bird" is for Robyn! Since there are two of us, there needed to be two early birds!

What do we do?
We love making all kinds of crafty things, especially paper crafts and sewing projects. The paper projects are much quicker to make, so we have a LOT of them and a lot of great ideas for others. We are starting out with cards for all occassions and will hopefully expand into scrapbook layouts, wall art, and more!

Where can you find our things?
We will *hopefully* be putting our products up on this blog at a more consistent pace. You can also find them at http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwoEarlyBirds?ref=ss_profile. It's a work in progress, but like this, we're trying to expand it more! We will also have a Facebook page up and running by the end of the week! Thanks for looking and stopping by!

How can you contact us?
If you have any questions, feel free to email us at twoearlybirds@hotmail.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Card Set

Unfortunately, it has been a while since we updated here. We've been having computer troubles, but we are back for today! We have been working on tons of crafts and cards that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Here is a set of cards that we made. It is a set of four cards- they were easy because they all matched!
This first is a picture of all of them together. They are kind of hard to read in this one. The pictures below are much clearer. The seal says, "Sealed with a kiss!", the elephant says "Sending tons of love!", the owl says "Whoo loves you?" and the skunk says "So stinkin' cute!" The skunk is probably my favorite of the four. The insides are simple, and just say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

We've made a bunch more, which *hopefully* we'll be able to post after we take pictures!