Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Subway Art

I feel really bad for not posting updates this week. We have been busy being creative, but our new found love affair with pinterest has been taking over! Every time I tell myself to post some new projects, I find myself on it. I love looking at all of the creative things on there!

Anyway, we do have some new stuff to share. During my pinterest surfing, I found some great subway art, or word collages. I knew I had to try it! Here is our "family" subway art from earlier this week.

Anyone know why they call it "subway art?" Is it because it can look like graffitti?

I love that you can use so many different cartridges on these projects! Now that I'm addicted to them, I'm going to go make some more for different holidays!

Hopefully we will be much better about posting updates!

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