Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue Friday!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a wonderful week. It has been a long two weeks, with all of the Super Bowl hubbub around here. It is pretty exciting, anyway. We decided to join the masses this week and celebrate Blue Friday, which is pretty much 'show all your 12th Man Pride. (It is also a good excuse to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work!) We made a cute little scarf to show our spirit:
(Fortunately their colors are nice and complimentary to our eye color!) Any, this is a super simple t-shirt scarf, made from three old shirts. With the scraps, we made a flower to cover up the seam.
We added some sparkle to flower with a little sparkly tulle. This was the longest part, but the entire project took about 45 minutes. The best part of these is that you can change the colors pretty easily. Nothing is actually sewn, just wrapped together. We plan on making a few of these, and since they're lightweight, you can wear them all year round.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend and go Hawks!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another BIrthday Card

Good morning! We hope everyone is having a great week so far. Like we mentioned yesterday, we've been keeping pretty busy. Today's project is one we worked on for one of Robyn's co-workers. The card is for a little girl's birthday:
This is another "new" technique we discovered. It goes by a few different names, including a card in a box or just a box card. It's nice because you have a lot more room to add decorations and pieces. This one could have used a few more decorations, in my opinion. The little white piece in front is lined in rhinestones and is just big enough for a quick little note.
And the whole card folds nicely into a square. The only unfortunate thing was that it didn't fit into any of our envelopes. I sure hope that's OK!!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Cari!

Happy Monday! Oh, my, it's been quite a while since we posted here. It has been quite a busy month. It's been full of school and work (and sleeping). We've had many an orders to work on recently, which has taken up quite a bit of time. Anyway, we have a few new projects to share. I think we'll post them over the next few days so we have something to share! Today's card is for one of our friend's birthday.
 So we were trying to go with a more "mature" card. It turned into this. (Hope she doesn't mind...But shouldn't everyone feel like a youngin' on their birthday?!) This is a new technique to us. It is a cascading card. This first picture is of it laying flat. This next picture is  how it looks standing up:
The hardest part of this was trying to figure out how to decorate it, which is one of the reasons it turned out like this. And the little puppy is her adorable little wiener dog! Happy Birthday, Cari!
Thanks for coming back and stopping by! We'll hopefully have a few more posts this week. Have a marvelous day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Day Excursion

Happy Thursday! We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Day! It was a bit hard to wake up at a reasonable time today. Fortunately, we still have a few more days of winter vacation to go, so it's all good! On the plus side, most of our friends back East will have a somewhat-extended break. Granted, it comes with a big winter storm. Darn.
Anyway, today's post isn't a crafty one. Boy and I spent yesterday afternoon walking along the coast. I wanted to post a few pictures because I was scolded last time I didn't post our beach pictures.
This is a picture of the beach in Westport, Washington (quite different from its Connecticut counterpart). My phone camera didn't do a good job capturing  the view, but this was right before sunset. The weather was kind of confused. We got there and it was a bit cloudy with a few sprinkles.  The sun finally decided to come out for a bit. Or, as they say here, it was a sun break. (I tried to argue that one. I don't think I won).  Right before we left, we saw a rainbow, which is always exciting!
And just to prove that Boy is indeed real, I included a picture of the two of us. He's not imaginary! Look at that! A sunny Washington winter day. We really have had a pretty nice winter so far, although we are way below average in rainfall. Can't say the same for everyone back home. So sorry you all have to shovel and use the snowblower this week.
Thanks for letting me share! Hopefully we'll have a new project to share with you all tomorrow. Have a superb day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

 Good morning! We hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful night yesterday.  We can't believe how fast this year has gone by. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, including seeing our entire family, including an awesomely planned road trip back East this summer. We were most fortunate to have some guests out here, as well, which is always welcome, unless it's Boy and our apartment is in a state of organized chaos ;) At the end of summer, Robyn began working in fourth grade and made some new friends (although I take a teeny tiny amount of credit for talking her into interviewing for the position.) 
Now that most of our Christmas presents are at their destinations, and have been used a few times, we have a little more time to design and create new projects. We wanted to make a quick banner to hang on our mantle. The flags are smaller than normal, but it ended up being a perfect size. We used bright colors, with some shimmery silver-gray for our letters and images. And they're a little hard to see, but we also used a bunch of rhinestones, especially on the two noisemakers on the end.
  Thank you so much for stopping by! Here's to an even better 2014!