Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Day Excursion

Happy Thursday! We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Day! It was a bit hard to wake up at a reasonable time today. Fortunately, we still have a few more days of winter vacation to go, so it's all good! On the plus side, most of our friends back East will have a somewhat-extended break. Granted, it comes with a big winter storm. Darn.
Anyway, today's post isn't a crafty one. Boy and I spent yesterday afternoon walking along the coast. I wanted to post a few pictures because I was scolded last time I didn't post our beach pictures.
This is a picture of the beach in Westport, Washington (quite different from its Connecticut counterpart). My phone camera didn't do a good job capturing  the view, but this was right before sunset. The weather was kind of confused. We got there and it was a bit cloudy with a few sprinkles.  The sun finally decided to come out for a bit. Or, as they say here, it was a sun break. (I tried to argue that one. I don't think I won).  Right before we left, we saw a rainbow, which is always exciting!
And just to prove that Boy is indeed real, I included a picture of the two of us. He's not imaginary! Look at that! A sunny Washington winter day. We really have had a pretty nice winter so far, although we are way below average in rainfall. Can't say the same for everyone back home. So sorry you all have to shovel and use the snowblower this week.
Thanks for letting me share! Hopefully we'll have a new project to share with you all tomorrow. Have a superb day!

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