Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Card Set

Unfortunately, it has been a while since we updated here. We've been having computer troubles, but we are back for today! We have been working on tons of crafts and cards that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Here is a set of cards that we made. It is a set of four cards- they were easy because they all matched!
This first is a picture of all of them together. They are kind of hard to read in this one. The pictures below are much clearer. The seal says, "Sealed with a kiss!", the elephant says "Sending tons of love!", the owl says "Whoo loves you?" and the skunk says "So stinkin' cute!" The skunk is probably my favorite of the four. The insides are simple, and just say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

We've made a bunch more, which *hopefully* we'll be able to post after we take pictures!

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