Sunday, March 22, 2015

B is for Baby...Blocks!

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! It's actually been a little cold and wet here this weekend (I know, I'm a complainer!) Or, maybe it's just my heater just went on by itself for the first time in awhile! Anyway, as I'm sitting wrapped in my blankets, trying to find the gumption to get up and start working on (the tons of) things on my list of to-do's, I was looking through all of the pictures of projects I've been working on and decided that maybe I should start sharing some of them. (That, and who would rather clean up than look at cute things?!)
The project I wanted to share today was one I worked on for a shower gift for our friend back home. It is a set of blocks that can be used to document the baby's age, etc. It's similar to a perpetual wood block calendar, so I guess it can sort of be used for that, as well. Since they are both gym teachers, and they're having a little boy, I went with the sports theme here. There are quite a few pictures, and I thought I did a good job of getting pictures of all of the numbers, but I didn't, so there are a few missing.
I tried to include a wide range of sports, or at least those that could be easily cut out of the vinyl. Since we were teammates on the track team, and she's a coach, I had to include the winged foot. He is also a basketball and football coach, so I included those sports, as well:
I also included some references to their favorite sports teams (I conveniently  placed the Patriots logo on the four for a reason ;) one that would be frowned upon out here. Oh well!!)
Hopefully they enjoy using it and take lots of pictures of the little guy! (And that they don't mind that it was like a month late...sorry!!) Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day!

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