Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile since I've added pictures here. It's been a bit busy here. However, since I have some time tonight, I decided to update. This post has pictures of most of our holiday projects.
First, this is a picture of our cards for the holidays. We did three different designs- a gingerbread, penguin, and a "'twas the night before Christmas". The cards are double side-step cards.

Last year, we decided to make ornaments for our family members. We wanted to make a new one for each year. The ones for this year are amazing- because they sparkle so much! Everything should sparkle and be as bright! This is just one that we made. There were about 18 in total. We added the year to one side of them.

The last set of pictures are some of the other gifts we made. I have to give all of the credit to Robyn, who worked endlessly on these projects- and finished them in time! She made simple fleece blankets for our aunts and uncles, and a wonderful quilt for our mom. She made 2 more amazing projects, but I don't want to post those pictures yet because we still have to surprise one of our brothers.  

*Updated- Here are our last two quilts, made for our brothers*

The one on the left is made with UConn Huskies fabric and the one on the right is made with Dallas Cowboys fabric.

And, for our last projects (I think), here is our Christmas Eve cake. It was a green, red, and white checkerboard cake. I must say that the cake wasn't decorated necessarily to our liking, but we pulled it off, enough! The inside picture isn't great, but it gets the point across.
Phew! I think that is the end of the list of Christmas projects! Now that it's already another year...

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