Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cupcake Satuday!!

We're back! It has been a few weeks since we've had the time to make some cupcakes. But, between work and orders and everything else that seems to take up our time, we found a few minutes to make these! This week's cupcakes are Nutella cupcakes with strawberry jelly frosting.
 These are kind of a mix between two recipes. The cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with Nutella mixed in. I was a little surprised when they came out because there wasn't much of a Nutella-y flavor to them, even though I added more than the original recipe called for. But it might have added to the softness of the cupcakes. A lot of other recipes pipe some Nutella into the middle of the cupcakes, but I'd rather just eat it out of the jar (as you can kind of tell). Once the cupcakes cooled, we topped them with a strawberry jelly buttercream. This was a definite risk, but I think it worked out. It was a lot sweeter than we would normally make, but it balances out the cupcake nicely, especially if you make a sandwich out of the cupcake.
Anyway, we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and that you get to do something fun and exciting! Thanks for stopping by!!

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