Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lace Up Those Skates!

Happy Sunday! We hope everyone had a wonderful, restful weekend. We spent today up in Seattle, running a marathon. It wasn't our best, time-wise, but it was one of the best-run marathons we've run. It was amazing running past the Space Needle and the stadiums, and along the I-90 bridge (unfortunately we had to turn around and run back along it.) We couldn't have asked for nicer weather- mid-40's and SUN! OK, so it started off cloudy, but the sun peaked out about halfway through. Now our biggest challenge is going to be moving around and not falling down!
But, we do have a project to share with you tonight. This week's theme is a little different from our others. This week's is more of a cartridge-based theme, having to deal with the outdoors during winter. The cartridge we're using is called "Winter Woodland" and it has a bunch of cute designs on it. Today's project is an invitation we put together.
This invitation is shaped like a holiday ornament. (It would also be cute in the shape of a snow globe. Next time!) It features a little ice skater and quite a bit of snow! The next picture shows the detail a little better:
This was supposed to be a shaker card- kind of like a snow globe- but the 'snow' was too much. We used buffalo snow along the edges of the hills and there is some floating in the 'air'. The inside of the invitation uses the same green  patterned paper, with room for all of your party information.
This would be perfect for a little girl's ice-skating party, or any winter party!
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