Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Monday, everyone! So I know it's supposed to be a Thanksgiving project this week, but I wanted to share these birthday cards we made for two really good friends of ours. They're twins, too, and so we just had to make them the same card in different colors!

We've been friends for years, and even though we are spread across the country in Vermont, Washington, and Arizona, we've stayed close. And that's what good friends are. No matter the distance, you stick together.

Anyway, these cards are pretty cool, because they have a neat little pocket for a gift card! We folded an 4.25"x11" piece of cardstock, then folded the front back over in half. Then, some glue down the side and bottom made a pocket, the perfect size for a gift card.

We'll have another Thanksgiving project for you tomorrow, don't worry!

Thanks for stopping by!

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