Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cupcake Saturday!

It's finally the weekend! All week, it's felt like it should be the next day. Oh well. So, today brings us another Cupcake Saturday. Today's mini cake is a little different than what we normally do. We decided to make jingle bell cake pops:

We saw this idea as we were perusing the internet (probably Pinterest). The lady who is famous for her cake pops, Bakerella, does such an amazing job on her cake pops. Well, ours are not so hot, but the idea was so adorable that we had to try it. Here are our version of the Jingle Bell Pops.

This was the inspiration...
(See how awesome they look?!)

And this is what ours came out looking like.
(Totally from the same batch, right?!)

Ok, so we've tried cake pops once before and those were a total nightmare. They looked awful and wouldn't stay on the sticks, no matter what we tried. These came out slightly better, but still not quite so good. I think next time, we'll spend some more time crumbling the cake up. Knowing what I know now about the whole cake pop process, I will also use a lighter color cake mix. I thought, "Oh, red velvet, that will look really Christmas-y." I suppose I should've known to use white cake, just in case it did show up under the layers. Oh well, they still taste really good, no matter how lumpy they look!

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