Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Bell Still Rings

Happy Thursday! It is definitely one of those weeks that just crawls on by. It feels like it should be Friday. Almost there....
Today's projects are 'Polar Express'-themed party decorations we made. There are two of them. The first is a multi-use place-card holder.
These place cards are designed to look like bells. (They are actually cut from a cupcake box) The criss-crossing of the top worked out rather nicely, as they are positioned in just the right spot for the slits in the bell. They were added with black marker, but you can't see it in the picture. Since they are boxes, they open up and are perfect to give away as a little party favor. We added a real bell to the top, so when they were moved, they jingle! (And we're fully aware the 'd' is lower case. Capital 'd's are just ugly letters....)
Our second project today is another favor box:
These favors are a little bigger than the bells, measuring about 4x4x4" boxes. They were decorated to look like train cars. You can always add more riding cars to match the number of favors needed. The cars are lit up, just like in the movie. This would also serve as a cute centerpiece for a small gathering (too many and it might take up the whole table!)
Join us tomorrow for a sweet project that's perfect for young children to help with!

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