Friday, March 1, 2013

A Note of Thanks

Happy Friday! We hope everyone has had a good week and now looking forward to the weekend. Let's just say, Friday couldn't come soon enough this week.
So, the other day we received a note in our mailbox, saying we had a package waiting for us up in the office. We had no idea who it was from, so we kind of let it sit up there for a few days (and because we don't head up that way too often.) Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised when we opened the package and got an awesome scarf from our aunt:
The other is in shades of blue- she knows us so well! Between the two of us, we got so many compliments on them. We love them and wish we knew how to do it. (Can't say we weren't trying to figure it out!) Today's project is a thank you card we made for her:
She is an avid (and amazing) sewer and knitter, so we decided to make her card with a quilt design. We chose the colors because they were bright and cheery. We also added some embossing to make it look a bit more quilted and finished off with some stitching around the two main pieces. I hope she likes it!
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend!

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