Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cupcake Saturday!

Ahhh, another Saturday! This week seemed to be go by really slow. Hopefully that means the weekend will feel extra long and be super-productive, but I doubt that. We do have a cupcake to share with you today, that tastes like summer! It is a Raspberry Creme Brulee cupcake! Sounds fancy-schmancy, but was really easy to make, and delicious.
It is a vanilla cake, baked, cooled, and cored. The inside is a raspberry creme brulee filling. We made the creme brulee with raspberry jello powder instead of sugar, and baked it according to the recipe directions. When it was cooled, we filled the hollowed out cupcakes with the filling. To top it off, we took vanilla frosting and put some more of the Jello powder in it to give it a raspberry taste.
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