Thursday, June 13, 2013

A (Belated) Birthday Card

So we finally broke down and finished off our Cricut Disney collection. Our Best of Pixar cartridge came in the mail today and we just had to try it out!! We also had a belated birthday card on our to-do list for almost a month. (How sad is that?) At least with school finishing up this week we will *hopefully* be better with being creative. So here's the card that we made!

The card is a tri-fold 4x6 card.The cartridge has a cut of Mike and Sulley waving out a door, but I couldn't quite figure out how to use it to make this card. Instead, I used two separate cuts to look like they were in the door, which was made to look like Boo's door (who's adorable self is on the inside). The card says, "You must think we're monsters... for forgetting your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!" There is a pocket on the last section for a gift card to be slipped into. Extended birthdays are great, right?! Keep them coming!

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