Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good evening! I feel like I should start with a silly pun or something, but after spending the last three days working on superhero projects, my creative juices aren't flowing tonight. However, I wanted to post a quick  little project for today (even though it's tomorrow everywhere else...)
I came across this super cute poem the other day and wanted to make a little something that with it. I printed the poem out, leaving just enough room for a lucky little leprechaun! I can't say I was totally creative with the treats, but when the poem ends with Leprechaun Kisses, what are you supposed to share with someone?!
Now that we have gotten most of our orders organized and completed, hopefully there will be a little more time for us-crafting, especially because there are so many spring-themed projects  we want to make.
Thanks for stopping by! Now it's time for bed!!

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