Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

Good evening! We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have been super busy around here, between school and orders, and finally everything is getting back on schedule. With all that we've had to do over the last few weeks, we did find some time to work on a few projects. Today's projects are some cards we made for our wonderful parents who are celebrating major birthdays today (or yesterday, ECT now). It's always kind of fun when you tell people your parents have the same birthday. They're always a little surprised when we tell them, and then say it's pretty cool.
Since they can both be considered "50's kids", we decided to go with 50's-themed cards for them. The first two cards are for our mom:
The first is a shaped card with a pair of roller skates. Our mom told us stories about her roller skating when she was a little girl (I think. If not, then I can picture a little Mom with pigtails skating. I may be thinking of something else totally...) The inside of this card reads, "with a Birthday hi!". The second card features an ice cream sundae and more of the super-fun and cheery colors. The inside of the card says "Wishing your birthday is as sweet as you!"
The other two cards are for our Dad:

The first is a red and black card with a musical theme. It was a toss up between this record and a jukebox, but figured either would work for him because he enjoys listening to the Golden Oldies and singing half the words to the songs. The outside of the card says, "For the record" and the inside reads, "You rock! Happy Birthday!" The fourth and final card is a 'Route 66'-themed card. We first saw the road sign, but couldn't figure out how to work with it, since it says 66 (and Dad's not quite there yet.) We decided to change it to read 65, instead. We also went with a vintage car to top it off. At least this one doesn't have any holes in the floorboard!
All four cards are multi-layered and have a ton of 3D poppers on them. (If you can't use googly eyes, 3D is the next best way to go!)
Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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