Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day Seventy-Four: It's Starting to Feel Like Fall. A Little...

Today is our last full day in Texas. Sarah and Erik are not very happy with us leaving...Our day started off pretty slow. We finished up some more crafting and did some hunting (jobs, etc.) in Washington. We took a quick trip to the store to pick up some things for dinner. Sarah and I made a bet. Who knew cheese and cheese product does not necessarily have to be refrigerated?! We stopped at Starbucks, since today was the first day they had their pumpkin spice drinks out. It made us excited! The girl asked if we were double fisting- kind of wish we were able to!! But we were nice enough to share with Robyn and Erik. Nothing is more fall than a pumpkin spice latte and weather that is cool and breezy!!
When we got back, we played with the puppies for a little bit. Luna played ball with us. Woody is finally getting used to us being around, and now that we're going to be leaving... He was friendly enough and came up to us, without barking!! A little later, we started dinner. We made queso (aka cheese dip) and quesadillas. The dip was surprisingly delicious, and a little spicy. The quesadillas were pretty good, too. Not a huge fan of BBQ'd chicken quesadillas, but they were different, so it was good.
Tonight, Sarah thought it would be a good idea to read scary stories. She started reading us one by Stephen King called "1408". Robyn switched with her. I was sitting all by myself. It's about an author who wants to stay in a haunted hotel room, but the concierge was trying to convince him not to. I couldn't tell you how it ended. The beginning of it was a little slow, and I ended up waking up right after Robyn finished reading it. She tried to explain how it ended, but I didn't get it. After a nice nap, we stayed up a little longer and talked a little more and packed up. Now it's bedtime- getting ready for another long day tomorrow. The break has been really nice!!

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