Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Texas Project

I don't think we've posted a picture of this project yet, but this is what we were working on when we were down in Dallas. If we did, well, here's another! It is a set of baby clothes for our Cousin and his wife. We tried to design something that was gender-neutral and figured that everyone should have a holiday outfit. So, the baby gets a few for the holidays. With matching bibs! The picture of the card is also below. The white ones also have a little design on the tush, for a nice added touch! There is also a tie-dyed onesie to match. I hope they like it!!

This is the Halloween set. The white says a simple "Trick or Treat", with a pumpkin on the back and a jack-o-lantern tie-dyed onesie. The bib is supposed to be a skeleton, which looks a lot better than I thought!

This is the Thanksgiving set. This one is pretty "plain". The white one says "Happy Thanksgiving" with a little turkey on the back, and the tie-dyed one is brown, red, and orange. This is probably our favorite tie-dyed one. The bib is a turkey gobbler. Not too much to it, but still cute.

This last one is the Winter/Christmas set. The first white one says "Seasons Eatings" with a little gingerbread boy on the back. The other says "Let it Snow", with a snowman on the back. The red and white one is supposed to have peppermints on them, but the paint was a little too thick in some places. The bib is supposed to be Santa's collar. As we were doing it, the paint looked pretty puffy, but once it dried- not so much.

Here is the last picture for today. This is the card that we sent along with the gift. It's another "neutral" item, as long as green is as neutral as I think it is!! It's a cute baby card, with a diaper holder to match (the white piece next to it)! The card fits into the diaper snuggly, and looks adorable together! We can't wait to meet the new baby!!

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