Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Sixty-Nine: What a Toot!

After Erik and Sarah convinced us they didn't have anything to do, we spent part of the afternoon out and about. We spent some time at Dave & Busters, which is like a grown-up Chuck E. Cheese. We had some intense games or air hockey and basketball shoot-outs (imagine Erik and Robyn competing against each other. I think Robyn had more wins.) Sarah beat us all by a ton in the football throwing, but I guess that's the difference between southern high school football and Connecticut high school football. Not to brag, but I got the most tickets, at 500. Sheer luck. You can't put that many in your pocket, though. It doesn't fold up nice enough.
Afterwards, we came back and relaxed a little. We made some cookies, Sarah did some work, and Erik helped Sarah's Granddad do some work in the yard (I think. He was MIA for a while, so I'm not sure.) This evening, we went to dinner at the Melting Pot. Oh boy! Talk about too much delicious food and drink! We talked to the waiter- about Paula Deen and her butter obsession. He was also flirting with Robyn-Sarah kind of non-verbally put an end to it. We all ate too much and had a hard time staying awake! And making it to the bathroom in time, for some of us (hence, the title.) We had to throw the black flag in at the end. After dinner, we came back to the house and chatted a little. Tonight is a little earlier night than others. We'll see what tomorrow brings for us. We may have to spend some time planning out the rest of our trip, seeing as the storm is supposed to hit New Orleans soon, which is supposed to be our next big stop. Hope Sarah and Erik don't mind us staying a little longer...

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