Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby's First Year Album, Part III

This is the last post for the baby album we made. The last two days show the other pages in the album. This post shows June through September, and the last page. This was such a fun project to work on. I hope it lasts a long time and will hold tons of memories for the family!!

This is the June page. The little baby is all ready for a swim on a hot day. He has his little floatie on- safety first! He is also in the shallow end, so no worries! The water is textured, but the picture doesn't show it. There is also a chair, to relax in.

This July page is one of my favorites. The baby is all ready for his Fourth of July festivities. He's dressed in his patriotic best to watch the fireworks! The picture spot is all decorated with bunting, too!

August has the baby spending the day at the beach. He's looking good in his little diaper and sunglasses.  There is also a huge sandcastle that he was working on! As long as a beach ball doesn't knock down the castle!!

This is the last month in the book. So, the baby isn't quite ready to go to school, but is ready to learn! There is a pile of books on the corner, and an apple. The page also has a bunch of crayons, as long as there is no coloring on the walls! I must admit, this page made me nervous at first, but I love how it came out!
 The next page, which isn't shown, is a double-page of hand-prints. We included a spot for each month, so the parents can take a print and see how the baby grows over the year.

This is the last page of the album. It has a spot for a picture from the baby's first birthday and some journaling about the last year.

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