Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Fall??

Here is a banner Robyn made to celebrate fall. Mom had a Halloween banner across the fireplace, but we wanted to make one so it could stay up all season. I add the question marks because we are supposed to get a wicked storm this weekend. It's supposed to be up to a foot of snow. We wanted to leave before the snow!! At least the walkway is nicely done- shoveling that will be slightly easier. Now we have to work on the driveway. Maybe I can get my yearly shoveling done before December... Enough rambling. Here is the banner. It might be a little tough to see. The window's glare doesn't help too much. The two circles on the end have little owls on them. Why owls? Why not?! I think the blue adds a rather nice touch to it. Who knew blue would be considered a fall color?!

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