Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween??

I know it's been a little while since we updated the blog, but it's been a crazy week. Actually, it hasn't, since we didn't have power for the last week. On Sunday, the day before Halloween, the crazy fall Nor'easter came and knocked out power. This is how it looked when it first started:
It doesn't look too bad, but at the end we had at least a foot of snow! We wanted to get away from the snow!!  I was getting a little upset with The Weather Channel because they kept sending e-mails every hour and kept increasing the snow totals. Also, unfortunately for them, Mom and Dad had to cut their vacation short, but got home safely. Since all of the power went out, the town officials decided to postpone Halloween, and then they ended up cancelling it, and had "trunk or treat" in the park's parking lot.  We eventually got it back around 12:00 yesterday afternoon and we all went back to how it was before the power went out. I can't complain because there are still a ton of people without power.
This is the last project we were working on before we lost the power. It was supposed to be for Mom's Game Night, but that was cancelled because of the storm. So, we were able to enjoy it, instead!!

This is the first step of the cake. It doesn't look like much. A cornucopia? An elf? Well, its a good thing I had a plan!!

The elf was a good guess, but a little early in the season! It was a witch. I was told it was too friendly, but then added the wart and somehow it made it look a little meaner!!
And, a Happy Belated Birthday to the Twins!!
So, now that we're caught up our posts, we can spend the extra hour catching up with our crafting!!

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