Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Here is a centerpiece that I put together. If you look at the Christmas lights in the stores, they sell lighted tree branches. We always thought it was really neat, but who really wanted to spend that much money on something?! This is our version, using things we had on hand. The tree branches are from one of the trees that fell during the storm last month. The lights are plain white Christmas lights from last year. I covered the branches with ribbon so the unsightly tape/wire wasn’t showing. I thought of spray-painting them, but figured this would be much neater. And we can change the ribbon to white for winter. I made the flowers at the same time as yesterday’s flowers. These were the colors that I really wanted for the wreath, since they are so much darker. I added the red stones in the vase to give it more pizzazz, but as I look at the picture, I think the clear would look nicer. Now, the next step is to come up with a tablescape for Thanksgiving later this week!


(Sorry about the background- not the best choice of position for the picture!)

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