Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Home Decor Project

Hope everyone had a good day. It was absolutely gorgeous out! A good day to do some early spring cleaning (OK, cleaning to move...) We're so excited that things are going well (*fingers crossed*). Anyway, today's project is another piece of decor we made for our new place. It is a clock for the kitchen we have in mind. Most of the appliances we have are red, so we've decided to (eventually) go with a red, white, and black theme. The clock will match so well! It was super easy to make- I think  it took all of five minutes to put together. I got the white square clock and all its pieces a few years ago from Oriental Trading. I had drawn a design on it, but it didn't match much. So, all we did was cut a piece of paper to fit and outline it with the black polka dot ribbon. We were going to paint it, but decided that this was the best way to go. This way, it can always be changed if needed.

(Sorry about the awful picture. I didn't have a very good spot to put it.)

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