Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apartment Decor

It has been two weeks since we moved into our little apartment. It’s still pretty bare, but we are slowly adding our own personal touches to it. The first picture is of our living room. Not much in here, but that’s our “couch” off to the left. And our coffee tables provide excellent storage space and “office”! The collage adds some color to the wall.
 These next two pictures are of our dining area. The wall art was posted a few days ago. Still looking for suggestions on embellishing it! Anyway, Robyn was being crafty in here. She made the table runner, along with the white slipcovers for the chairs. They’re pretty neat because she made them so the bows can be changed, depending on the season. Now she only has to make matching table runners for all the other seasons! The other is another view, with our mantel and fireplace. And the first piece of fine art we hung up! Sarah made it for us and we love it! It’s such a cute piece! We love the button projects ;) And, we can see another view of Robyn’s sewing projects.

We have taken a few pictures of the kitchen, but it needs some art work. It’s not complete yet, so we’ll post those once we add our own touch to it! And once the other rooms start coming together, we’ll post those, too!

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