Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beautifying the Bathroom

It’s a rainy day here. I know what you’re all thinking, “Of course it is. It’s Washington.” And I’d have to agree, but it hasn’t been this bad yet. We had a week of gorgeous weather- we were able to see Mount Rainier and the Cascades all week! It was pretty windy last night and this morning. It’s supposed to clear up a little later, so we’ll see. Anyway, here is another home décor project Robyn worked on. It’s her bathroom. It started off with just the shower curtain and blue sink accessories. The shower curtain is just a $5.00 bed sheet with holes punched on the top for the rings. (Thanks Mom, for that tip!) Imagine how easy it will be to update later on! Anyway, to match the polka dots on the curtain, Robyn added some dots to everything else in the bathroom. She cut circles out of different blue vinyl. The mirror by itself is less than desirable, so the dots add a nice touch! Her towels are blue, too, well, will be!

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