Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Spring!

So, we're aware that we are a day early, but with the weather we've been having out here, it feels like what Spring should be! And, since we haven't had any snow this winter, it feels like it should have happened months ago. Granted, it probably feels more like summer now, at home. Anyway, in honor of the changing season, we made a banner to hang from our mantel. It adds a little brightness and cheer to, the otherwise bare, living room. Actually, the mantel is probably the cheeriest spot in the apartment so far! It's a little hard to see in the picture- the glare off the mirror doesn't help much. It says "Happy Spring". The second picture is of the spacer.
 This is the space between the two words. The little bunny was just too cute not to use! He, along with the letters, are 3D and pop out of the banner. Doesn't he look like he just belongs among the flowers?! And it may be a cloudy day, but there's no rain!
I know that  it looks more like an Easter banner, but that way it will be easier to change in a few weeks! Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for looking!

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