Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cupcake Saturday!

It's that time of week again! It's a beautiful weekend out here in the PNW and people out here are pretty excited about the Seahawks game tomorrow against Atlanta. So, for today's Cupcake Saturday, we have these fun Seahawk-inspired cupcakes to share.

We dyed the batter blue, and put white sprinkles inside. The inside is filled with that lime green buttercream frosting, and topped with regular white buttercream. Definitely a lot of frosting on these, but we might need the sugar rush to wake up early enough for the 10 am start tomorrow!

 Of course, we had to top them off with "12th Man" cupcake toppers! The 12th Man is everywhere, even on top of the Space Needle!
12th man spirit seizes Seattle

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