Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting Glittered!

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like some sparkle! And who doesn't like to use glitter on everything?! Today's project is a fun little home decor project to share.

Both of these projects are basically the same, just on different materials. First up are our 2013 candles. We cut out 2013 from vinyl, just big enough to be able to see the whole year on the front of the candle. Then we covered the whole thing in mod-podge, and added glitter. After it was dry, we pulled the vinyl off the candle, and viola! To make sure that the glitter doesn't get all over everything, we sealed it with a clear spray lacquer. (The small ones in the back are done the same, just without the vinyl step.)
 The second part of our project are these awesome wine glasses. Of course you need some glasses for your midnight toast, (or just your after work glass of wine). We did the same thing here: coated in mod podge and glitter, and sealed. Even though the are sealed, they still have to be hand-washed.

Close ups of the stem and glass.

Imagine the possibilities and how many different things you can glitter like this! One thing I would suggest, though, is to make sure that your vinyl isn't the same color as your glitter! I should've known this before doing it, but was clearly not thinking that far ahead. Otherwise, when you go to pull the vinyl off, you have to do some searching for it. (Note the little marks that look like claw marks next to the 1.) They still add some great sparkle to any party!

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