Thursday, April 4, 2013

How We've Been Keeping Busy

Good evening! We hope everyone is having a superb week so far. We have been on Spring Break this week, which should mean that we have a lot of time to work on new projects. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I guess, we've spent a lot of the week working on Etsy orders. We've had quite a few orders, some pretty large. Most of them have been for our Superhero party favors. We also made a few princess bags, but they haven't been quite as popular. So, we decided to change them up a bit, and hope that they become 'popular'. We'd rather make princesses than superheros- they're so much prettier and more fun. So, here is what we came up with:
This is the first set of redesigned bags. We had a lady who was interested in these four characters. Rapunzel may be my favorite ever! Each bag has been slightly embellished, either with glitter or embossing, to add another dimension to them. We have some more characters to share with you, but we'll save those for tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by! 

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