Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New Superhero Banner to Share

Happy Thursday! We hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and week so far. As you've might have noticed, we've been staying busy trying to primp up our Etsy shop. We're hoping that the more items we have for sale, the better chance it'll help us grow. So, our goal for this month is to post at least two new items every day. So, as many of our followers know, we've had a lot of interest in our superhero bags. We decided it was time to make some other superhero things (and hope it helps us!) For today, we have added two new banners. Since they are relatively similar in design, we'll show the first one, which is a superhero "Happy Birthday" banner:
This one features Boy's favorite superhero Batman (he also happens to be one of the easier ones to create!) 
 The first spacer is Batman, with his little cape and crime fighting outfit, and his googly eyes (of course!) The middle space features three matching stars, and the last is the city in distress (or in this case, Gotham, I guess). Each letter and image has been pop-dotted, for the extra special touch, while each piece is tied together with multiple ribbons and tulle.
The other banner was a personalized banner, in this theme. For superheroes, he's quite a cutie! We're going to create a few other heroes, especially because we've also created a little Superman superhero for a valued customer a few months ago:
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!

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