Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cupcake Saturday!

I can't believe it's September! That means summer is coming to a close. Although out here, I think summer ended the week after it started. We had our couple of 85-90 degree days and then it went down to 70. The leaves have already changed, too! (See below) I'm not really complaining though. That means we can start thinking Fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving! (Christmas, anyone??) Crazy? Maybe, but I love this time of year!
Anyway, what you came here for: Cupcake Saturday! Of course our cupcakes follow the music theme of the week. After making the Olympic Torch cupcakes, I got to thinking, "What else can I make with ice cream cones?" Microphones! Of course!
We used the flat-bottom cones and put a cake-pop type mixture inside. We used vanilla cupcakes and a buttercream frosting and mixed it all together. The nice thing about using this mixture is that you don't need extra frosting on the top. The silver sprinkles stick right to the cake.
This is what we mean by the leaves changing. This picture was taken early last week.
I know you're thinking there's not too much to it, and we're totally aware that there is nowhere like New England in the fall, but just a bit makes everything OK!
Thanks for stopping by! Join us tomorrow for a new theme. It's sure to bring out the kid in all of us.

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