Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take a Stand

Good Tuesday morning! We hope everyone is having a good week so far, although it did just start. We're excited because our parents are coming to visit us for a few days on their trip across the country. Today's project is a fun one, mostly because there are so many choices and styles to chose from. As you know, we love cupcakes, and every Saturday we have a new one to share. Our biggest problem is that we don't always have a fancy way to show them off for the pictures. Usually they just sit on the counter or table, without any real flair. To fix this, we decided to make some cupcake stands:
How cute?! So these were super simple to make. All we used were some wooden pieces we found at the craft store and some acrylic paint (the blue is a glossy paint). There are so may options when it comes to making your own cupcake or cake stand. You can go to a thrift store, find some candle holders, plates, mugs, and make your own. And they're much cheaper than going out and buying a new one! You can also personalize them in your favorite colors (like we did), or paint them in the colors of your theme. For a quick cake stand, take a  large can (like the ones the mixed fruit comes in) and a piece of cardboard, cover with wrapping paper and wha-lah! A cake stand!
Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for a shawshbuckling(ly?) fun card!

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