Sunday, September 2, 2012

Holy Cake and Ice Cream!

Welcome to another week! We hope everyone is having a nice weekend. And with tomorrow being Labor Day, a long weekend is always nice. So, since today is Sunday, that means that we have a new theme for this week. Now, this isn't one that we would have come up with by ourselves. OK, part of it, maybe... Our sister was supposed to come visit us, and we were going to do this week of projects with her. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and her trip had to be rescheduled. Anyway, this week's theme is "Princesses and Superheros". I don't know if there is anyone out there who has never wanted to be one or the other. The two of us are hopeless romantics, so we love anything with a sappy, happy ending. As for the superheros, we never really got into them. That was our brother's area.
Alright, enough chatter. Since most of our weeks start off with an invitation of some sort, today is no different. We have two sets of invitations to share. These would be perfect for any child's birthday. Here ae the princess ones we came up with. I love the little poem at the beginning.
 The ones above are Cinderella themed, complete with her glass slipper. However, they can be changed to match any of the other princesses.The band in the middle of the envelope can be changed to one of the below:
I think my two favorites are Snow White and Tiana. I think this is the first time Belle isn't at the top of my list... And now for our superheros! The invitation below features none other than Batman.

I love how this invitation turned out. I thought it was going to be harder to get the wording right (the princess one just came out and flowed nicely, if you know what I mean). But who knew there was an actual "superhero" font?! And just like the princesses, these can be changed to fit other characters.
And I am fully aware that Captain America, like most superheros, probably wouldn't be very happy with a "flower" shield, as our brother put it. Oh well.
Wow, that was longer than I thought. Thanks for stopping by!

Princess Invitations Sold Here
Superhero Invitations Sold Here

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