Friday, February 8, 2013

Cupcake Saturday!

Welcome to another Cupcake Saturday! We hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! In honor of the upcoming holiday next week, we have decided to try something a little different look:
These are pink velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting, and topped with a small chocolate heart. The cupcake is sweet enough to eat by itself, which is why there is only a little bit of frosting on top. We decided to bake them in a wine glass, because what is more romantic than sharing a glass with a special someone?! We were worried that the glasses might crack, but they held up in the oven (thankfully). Our glasses are pretty big- much bigger than normal glasses, I think- so it's probably best to share this with a loved one! Or you can eat it all by yourself. We don't judge!
Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day!

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