Friday, February 15, 2013

One More Valentine's Day Project!

Good morning! We hope everyone had a wonderful (Single's Awareness) day yesterday. For being two single ladies, ours wasn't too bad. We had a few kids ask us if we'd be their Valentine, (but we're pretty sure it was because they felt bad for us!) We spent the evening watching the hot guys on The Vampire Diaries, some wine, and a pizza. Can't get much better than that! And to top it off, it's the start of another long weekend, with temperatures in the mid-50's! (and a little bit of rain, of course).
Today's project is our last Valentine's Day project for this year. It is a quick hot chocolate gift set. We wanted to make something that would go with our coffee syrup kit, but was appropriate for a child. We figured the next best warm drink to coffee was hot chocolate! We added four little packages of hot chocolate mix, figuring these looked a little nicer than the packages from the box, some little chocolates, and some mini marshmallows, but those are hiding. (Who knew you can get a whole container of just hot chocolate marshmallows?! We'll have to see what kind of recipes we can make with them!!)
This was our first attempt at actually painting on a coffee mug. The other times we've decorate mugs, we've done so with vinyl and Sharpies. We wrote out the name first and then went over it with an acrylic paint. (Recommendation- have your design drawn out first, in case you spell something wrong, or don't like the look of it.) We've seen the idea on Pinterest before, which is where we got the Sharpie idea. Unfortunately, the marker ones washed off only after a few handwashings. Here's to hoping this lasts longer!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Join us tomorrow for another Cupcake Saturday!

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