Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snowman "Joy Fold" Card

Hey there! Sure, it's August and 80 degrees outside, but today's project is a cute card with a fun little snowman!
It doesn't look like much flat, but when it's standing up, it definitely packs a visual punch. I'm not sure where I found the directions for this, but they were saved as "Joy Fold," so we'll go with that.

There are two different folded cards, with the smaller one glued on top of the bigger. We've been trying to clean out our stash of embellishments, and the snowman was a great find in there! Usually I don't like using them since there's only one of each, and who knows when a different project will come up, but it's time to use them up. Here's a picture of the top flap open.
The sentiment is another embellishment box find.

Thanks for stopping by!

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