Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We're Celebrating Oktoberfest!

Guten tag! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! It's been a pretty great day for us. The sun is shining and the creativity is flowing- can't get much better than that! (In our opinion, at least!)
I know it's a little later than normal, but here is today's project. As you can tell from the title, we have created an Oktoberfest party. It may not be for another few weeks, but it never hurts to start early!
This came to fruition the other day as we were driving around town and saw that they were having their own Oktoberfest celebration. It helps that, until a few years ago, there used to be a brewery in town, I guess. And what better way to celebrate our German heritage?! Below is a collage of some of the projects:
How cute are the little kiddies?! They pop up here and there in the projects, along with a few other designs. Like the German flag and a barrel!
Thanks for stopping by! Prost!

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  1. your crafts are so adorable.... I love the
    southern santa and the Oktoberfest project....