Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Happy Boo to You!

Happy Sunday! We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We've been super busy this weekend. We spent yesterday working on a ton of projects that will *hopefully* be up soon. Anyway, today's project is a cute little Halloween banner.
It's a little hard to read, with the glare from the window, and the fact that it's pretty busy. It reads "Boo to You" (hence, the title of the post!) and it has a few little monsters on it. Here are two pictures of the banner, up close:
There are three little monsters that wouldn't be complete without their googly eyes. And each flower is handmade, which took a little (a lot) longer than it should. Trying to come up with a placement for the flowers. I tried to make a pattern, but it didn't work out quite right. Luckily, it came out well, in our opinion!
Thanks for stopping by today! We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

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