Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Bathroom Redo

Good morning! We hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. We’ve been busy getting caught up on all of the work we didn’t do yesterday, along with some new projects we found and just have to try out!! Hopefully they will go as planned and we can share them in a few weeks. If not, then we’ll just have a bunch of yarn hanging around.
Today’s post was originally going to be a tutorial, but as I was writing it, I thought that it would be hard to follow. It something that’s been hanging around for a few months, but it wasn’t fully completed until last night’s addition of the curtain rings:
I would love to say this was totally my idea, but I can’t take any credit for it. Unfortunately. Similar shower curtain DIY’s are all over the internet and Pinterest. They are all remakes of this Anthropologie curtain that sells for $118.00. That’s just an absurd amount of money to spend on bathroom décor, so I decided to make one myself for around $20.00. The most expensive part was actually the rings to hold it up (the old blue ones weren’t working for me). I used 3 sheets in all. The two pink ones are queen-sized sheets that I found for $5.00 a piece, and the third was the original shower curtain I had up (which was also somewhere around $5.00, too). In actuality, I got the pink sheets to make a bedspread, but I thought it was time to spruce up the bathroom. There was a whole lotta fabric, a bit of extra thread, and some fighting words, but it is totally worth it. I won’t lie, I kind of feel like a princess whenever I get into the shower…
And the frame with flowers also helps. It's a happy reminder of our amazing trip a few summers ago. They were taken at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.
Thanks for letting me share by bathroom stories! Or, just the bathroom. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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