Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whoo's Ready for 4th Grade?

Happy Tuesday! We hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend. For most of us there won't be another one until October! On the bright side, that's only a month away :) But then again, we haven't actually started a new school year yet, so there shouldn't be anything to complain about, huh?! Anyway, as promised, we have another back-to-school classroom project. This is an apple tulle wreath we made this weekend:
OK, so it's supposed to be an apple. If we had to do it again, it would probably be made with a circle wreath form. But then again, it goes along with the "teaching is a work of heart" saying. So it works for this. Unfortunately, it had a little accident while we were making it:

The bright side? We realized that the two halves would make cute little candy canes for the upcoming holiday season. And we were able to put our broken heart back together will a little hot glue (which fixes almost everything!)
We decided to make the wreath because the door was in desperate need of some pizzazz. This is a view of the little "nameplate" on the wreath. It's not a great picture of the nameplate, but it's designed to look like a chalkboard (although there aren't many of those left!) Over the years, we've had so many people say our last name incorrect. Because of this, we realized that it's just like an owl's call, and tell the kids, "It's hoo, like an owl". It makes it easier for everyone. It is also the reason why we included the owls on yesterday's project. And, of course, he has little googly eyes, because they make everything better!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

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