Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day Fifty-Four: Viva Las Vegas!

Cliche, I know.
We spent today walking up and down the Strip. We stopped at all of the hotels and shops and looked around. We walked down to Mandalay Bay to buy tickets for "The Lion King". We were shooting for tonight, but the only tickets that were together were for tomorrow night. So, we bought them and look forward to seeing it tomorrow night! Since it was so hot today, once we got down to the end of the Strip, we decided to walk back to Treasure Island. We spent some time cooling down inside.
At night, we decided to go down to 'older' Las Vegas. We walked down to the Riviera and Circus-Circus. We walked under the 1,000+ lights (read somewhere that was supposed to be on the 'to-do' list here). We also watched one of the circus acts at Circus-Circus. We were going to stay longer, but after the first act, it was another 5 minutes for the next one and we didn't feel like waiting around for it. This act was pretty cool, though, because it was two aerialists. The arms on the girl!! Sheesh! Wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley...
After that, we decided to walk back to our hotel because for the night. There were a lot of "weird" people coming out, so we decided to go in. We did watch the nightly show at Treasure Island, called "The Sirens of TI". It was not a very family-friendly show, which kind of surprised us, since so many of the others are. It was pretty much a bunch of girls dressed as pirates who overtook the Captain of the guys' ship and it ended with a dance party. I guess everything has to end in a dance party.

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