Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Forty-One: Hey, We Have the Same Birthday!

We woke up this morning to what we thought was rain. We checked the weather app and it said that it was foggy with a 10% chance of precipitation. So it turns out that the dripping was indeed fog, and not rain. Oh, and the humidity was 100%. It's so different without the heat! Couldn't even tell that it was humid out. I've never seen it that high before. Apparently, the mornings here always have fog coming off of the water.
We fought with the wet tent for a couple of minutes. (Don't tell dad that it was wet when we put it away. The Boy Scout in him wouldn't like it. We never camped in tents in Girl Scouts... it was either a cabin or some sort of building.) We were going to go for a run with the lady next to us, then realized that she was from Mexico and we wouldn't be able to converse with her and run at the same time. It's difficult enough to do either of those separately, but together... She found someone to run with though. (Their license plate was a Mexican one. I don't know any other Mexican districts, so we can't make a list of them. It was "Distrito Federal.")
It was finally off to San Francisco. On the way out of Eureka, we found where the sidewalk ends- the sign said so! (That's a reference to Shel Silverstein, for those that didn't get it.) We took the "Avenue of the Giants" detour. It is a 31-mile road that runs parallel to 101. The trees really were giants! They had an auto tour that we took that led to different informational plaques about how they saved the trees from lumbering and other stuff. There were a bunch of different groves dedicated to people who helped out.
It was back to 101 and on towards Wine Country. It wasn't just wine and vineyards, but orchards too. The fields were huge! They stretched out really far. We decided that we would buy an already established vineyard so we didn't have to do the planting, and we would get Adam and his friends to be our help picking everything. We only got turned around once trying to find a rest area. (It's much easier when the road is one road and you don't need to get off at all.) We also saw a guy with dreadlocks down to his knees, no even kidding, they were that long, and no less than 3 tie-dye t-shirt stores.
Once we got to the campground, we were having a difficult time deciding what to do. It was gorgeous out so we wanted to spend some time at the pool, or drive down to the Golden Gate Bridge. We ended up doing both. It's a good thing we did because our timing was perfect. We didn't have as much traffic as we could've getting down there. We stopped at the Vista Point to park so we could walk over it. Oh boy, was it windy! I was afraid to take phone pictures because I thought it would blow away! There was a lot of foot traffic on it with all of the tourists on the way out, but not as much on the way back. We took a ton of pictures with Dawn's camera. (It's a lot harder to blow something off from around a neck.) You can see everything from the bridge, like Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the Bay Bridge. And the ships bringing all kinds of things from China and Japan. Then we stopped at the gift shop on the other end and walked around the area, which is part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. Not too much recreational stuff, but there is a bike trail that goes all around and some beaches. After the 3.5 mile walk, (1.7 each way) it was time for dinner and then back to the campground. We heard no less than 3 different languages around. Kind of cool, except they left the kitchen area a MESS! Going to do the rest of the city tomorrow!

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