Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Fifty-Nine: Dog Days of Summer

We spent today hanging out with Annie and Toby. Tyler had to work today- he was missed, of course!! We started the day at the dog park- we bought Toby along, of course! We met all of the local dogs, like Dogstein and Shorty (and their mom). A lady there asked if we were mother and daughter (sorry Annie- it's unfortunate, you're the older one!!) We then went to Starbucks, to cool down a little bit. It is unbearably hot- record high heat, around 114 degrees. Yuck! Anyway, Toby picked up all of the old guys, and the old gals, too! We stayed there for a while, then headed back to the apartment. We learned all about potentially harmful bites and stings that can happen here. It's a long list that I'd rather not have to deal with. I could do without scorpions and snakes.
Our afternoon was rather exciting. Robyn and Toby took naps while I tried to look through all of our pictures. After dinner, we went back to the dog park. There were a lot more dogs there tonight. We met a few more puppies, got up close and personal with some of them, too. After the park, we went out for some frozen yogurt. These do-it-yourself yogurt places are awesome! After talking for a while, we headed back and headed to bed.

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