Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Sixty-Seven: What an Interesting Night...

So, I have been told that it takes too long in between blog posts and that I'm not keeping up with them very well. (Thanks, Sarah...) So, here is today's post. On the correct day. We started off today by stopping at Starbucks, in order to get a daily dose of caffeine. I finally beat Erik at something, but I guess it's not something to be proud of. He gave in way too easily! We then went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner and dessert tonight. We're making some brownies tonight! So exciting!
In the afternoon, we tried to reintroduce ourselves to the dogs. Luna was fine once she found her ball and started playing with us. Woody has a massive bark for such a little pup and kept on barking. Hopefully he'll come around to us soon. We spent most of the afternoon crafting for Halloween. Since Sarah has her decorations up, she wanted to add some more to her get-up. We made some lanterns (which are super awesome, if I might say!) and some mice. They found their way through the house. Not my idea... Anyway, after that, we decided to take a break and spend some time making brownies. For gluten-free brownies, they were delicious! They weren't dry and crumbly and they tasted great! We watched a movie, too, as we were making dinner, which was boneless buffalo chicken. It was a little too spicy, but eatable. With a little help.
Erik had to work, so we spent the night updating the blog, looking on-line, etc. We've learned some interesting (although maybe not necessary) information. Sarah and Erik would like a longer blog post tomorrow, so we were trying to plan something. By the looks of it, it will be a short one tomorrow...

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