Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day Sixty-Five: I Know Today is Sunday, but...

So we found out that today is Son's Day. What the heck is Son's Day?? Isn't Erik's birthday enough?? I get Mother's Day and Father's Day, maybe we should have a Daughter's Day? Perhaps the 3rd Sunday of July... What do you think?
Anyway, so after sleeping till 11, we went out for "Son's Day Dinner" to BJ's (not the wholesale club!) They had a ton of beers to choose from! And really good food that we brought home for leftovers. After lunch, we went over to PetSmart and found some Halloween fairy wings and bones. We also played with the kittens who were up for adoption.
Then we went over to Sarah's parents' house and met the dogs! They are Luna (a pound puppy mix of somethings) and Woody (a rat terrier). Woody's head is too small for his body and gets made fun of for his not proportional body. (He also has a nubbin for a tail...) They like to bark a lot. Especially Woody. We're working on being friends. Luna likes to play ball and is a good sharer. Then we watched Tangled, a movie I can relate to on several levels. Now, it is time for bed. These time changes are throwing us off big time!

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