Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Card

Welcome to another Monday! As I've been bragging, it's another gorgeous day here. You're all probably sick of hearing that, but that's how we felt when it was 70 at home and only 50 here, and we had to listen to you about how nice it was everyday. Today has been a very productive day- our cars can now blend in with the other cars in parking lot! Another step closer to being full-fledged residents here. Anyway, here is today's project. It is a thank you card we made. It is up there on my list of favorites! It was simple to make, yet it looks classy (I think). It is a scalloped card that stands up nicely. I was a little worried that it would just fall down, but it didn't. The flower is hand-made, which you can tell on one of the layers. But I love how it came out and is probably going to be my go-to thank you card!

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